Floor Safes


Floor Safes are used by homeowners and retail establishments for burglary and fire protection.

AMSEC Floor Safes offer and affordable alternative to larger free standing safes with the added protection of being hidden in the floor. When properly installed in concrete, AMSEC floor safes provide excellent fire and burglary protection.

AMSEC floor safes come in a wide variety of designs ranging from a B rated Super Brute, Brute and Mini Brute square body series to the STAR or MAJOR C rated round lift out door safes.

You may customize your floor safe with a deposit slot in the door, deposit chute, key locking dial or electronic keypad lock, just to name a few.

Some of the brands of safes we offer:


Avault safes

Datasafe Safes

Gardall Safes

Liberty Safes

Wilson Safes