Sands Point NY Locksmith

Sands Point Locksmith is a premier company that has been offering locksmith and security services to the residents of Sands Point, NY for a considerable period of time. We have mobile services that respond to emergency calls and we function 24 hours a day every day. When you call Sands Point Locksmith, our professionals make sure that they respond to every customer with integrity and respect along with being extremely professional. We make sure that every single customer of ours gets the same high-quality service. Not only are they qualified to work with locks and keys of all kinds, they are also experts in CCTV surveillance and burglar alarm systems.

Automotive Services

Sands Point Locksmith offers automotive services and when we receive a call, we use our mobile services to make sure that within approximately 30 minutes, our professionals are with you. We have the latest equipment and technology to help us do the job and we offer our services for all kinds of vehicles, ranging from cars, trucks, and vans to motorbikes. We can extract broken keys, duplicate keys on the spot, open locked trunks and provide keys for lock-outs. Sands Point Locksmith ensures that the services offered are the same for everyone.

Residential Services

Sands Point Locksmith also offers residential services. We have the best locksmith and security solutions for you and your home. Within a few minutes of your call, we have professionals on the road, on their way to you. When a break-in or robbery occurs, we know that you are feeling vulnerable not only to other human beings but also towards the natural elements. We want to make sure that you are given protection as soon as possible and secure your home against such future events. Sands Point Locksmith can either install a new system or upgrade your old system altogether. Even if you have locked yourself out of your house accidentally, we will get there as soon as we can to restore access to your house. You do not have to depend on extreme steps like breaking into your own house through a window and risking damage to yourself and to the security of your home. Sands Point Locksmith ensures that you never have to wait for help in emergency situations. To ensure that our reputation stays intact, we also offer guarantees to ensure that you get the best of us.

Commercial Services

For commercial services offered by Sands Point Locksmith, we send in nothing but the best. Commercial and industrial facilities need high security and we want to make sure that we have best professionals working on it for you. We offer our services to malls, stores, small shops, commercial buildings, corporate offices and industrial buildings. These places usually require high security involving high-traffic locks, push plates, panic bars and other kinds of heavy-duty security measures like hydraulic and concealed doors. Sands Point Locksmith’s experts also have extensive knowledge of things like biometric and electric locks and they can change, open and repair these locks with ease.

Sands Point Locksmith has the latest technology and equipment and also boasts of the largest inventory in all of New York. We are the solution for all your security needs!

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