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Jericho Locksmith is a successful locksmith and security service provider that has been offering its wide range of services to the residents of Jericho, NY for years. We have been doing very well and it is all thanks to the support of local residents who trust Jericho Locksmith enough to come to us every time they have a problem. Because we have such a standing in this area, we are popular in the rest of Long Island as well. Referrals from our customers are what have enabled us to grow and that is the reason why we are so successful.

We do certainly have our customers to thank who have relied on us and known that the services we will offer to them will be the best they have ever gotten. Now, Jericho Locksmith is their only option since they know that no one else can offer the service that we offer. Not only do we offer high quality services, the variety of services we offer is greater and the time in which we offer our services is shorter and faster as well. This is why Jericho Locksmith has been successful is reaching such a large number of customers in Jericho, Long Island.

If you are new and have just discovered Jericho Locksmith, the first thing you would want to know is the kind of services we offer. In order to make this easier for you, we have made a list of the services we offer more than any other services:

  • All you need to do is call us and we will open a lock for you wherever it is without causing any damage to the area around the lock or to the lock mechanism itself
  • If you want your lock to be secured, we can reprogram it to enter in a new pin and also prevent bumping
  • If you have or want Mag locks, knob set locks, deadbolt locks, entry grip set locks, access control locks, cipher locks or keyless entry locks, Jericho Locksmith will install, repair and replace them for you
  • If you have residential, commercial or industrial lock mechanisms of high security, professionals can duplicate these keys exactly according to the specifications of the security system
  • We can open a safe for you and change a combination of a safe as well under which electrical and biometric locks fall as well
  • If you want a Master Key System for your home or office, we will provide a customized system according to your needs
  • High security systems like door closers, panic bars and push plates can be installed, repaired and/or replaces easily by us
  • If a break-in has occurred, you can count on Jericho Locksmith for being there within half an hour and installing, repairing or upgrading your security system
  • Jericho Locksmith has experts who are not only certified to change keys and locks but are also experts and hold licenses to install and maintain CCTV surveillance, burglar alarms and access control systems
  • And many more services. Call when you need a locksmith in Jericho.

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