Commercial Fire Alarms

Since every commercial fire alarm system is unique, Suffolk Lock & Security Professionals designs and installs the latest high-tech and well designed systems to help protect your business. Not only can a commercial fire alarm save your business, but more importantly, it can save the lives of your employees and customers in the event of an unfortunate fire. The selection of which commercial or residential fire alarm system to purchase is critical to ensure the premises is adequately protected at all times with reliable warnings. Commercial and residential fire alarm systems that Sentry installs detect smoldering, and are sensitive to small particles in the air produced by fires. These commercial and residential fire alarm products can prevent smoke from turning into an inferno.  Our custom commercial fire alarm systems and installations are prepared by our professional fire safety experts. We will prepare a plan and quote everything to your specific needs of your business. Contact us today with any questions you might have about commercial fire alarms for your business in Nassau or Suffolk counties. We also provide yearly inspection and testing of fire panels and your fire alarm systems. We make sure your system is in full working order and providing your business the fire protection that is needed for proper safety. Contact us at 631-957-2227 to schedule one of our technicians to come out and inspect your fire panel and system.